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How The Process Works for Home Buyers

Step 1:  You join our No Obligation Rent-To-Own V.I.P. list.

Step 2:  We send you Rent-To-Own homes that match your criteria.

Step 3:  When you find a home you like, we'll send you a short application to fill out.

Step 4:  Once your application is approved we come to an agreement on the monthly payment and purchase terms. We'll all sign and you move in!

Step 5:  Once the rental agreement comes to an end, you decide if you want to buy the house.  It's really that easy.

Step 1: Join The V.I.P. List

How the Process Works for Home Sellers

If you are having trouble selling your home due to various circumstances such as low equity, rising mortgage interest rates, low ball offers, etc., please watch this short minute and a half video to help you better understand the benefits of selling your house using a Lease Option/Rent-To-Own program.

The process is easy and straightforward.  Simply fill out the form below to give us and idea of what your particular situation is and why you need to sell.  We will then contact you to ask you some basic questions about your particular situation and your property. 

Our team will evaluate your information and if we feel we can help you we will get back and explain all the steps to our Rent-To-Own program and help you start putting money into your pocket and getting on with your life. 

However, if for any reason our Rent-To-Own program is not a good fit for you, we will explore other options to help you get out of your financial situation and get on with your life. That's our commitment to you!

Fill in Your Information Below

Thank you for your information.  We'll be in contact with you shortly.

We are experienced real estate investors and specialize in off-market properties.

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