Our Story

Gold Stone Capital Advisors, LLC is a full service commercial and residential real estate consulting firm that is here to help you with your particular financial situation.  Our residential Rent-To-Own/Lease Option program is ideally suited for those homeowners having difficulty selling their home due to their particular financial situation.  Plus, a very large number of potential home buyers today are having a hard time qualifying for a conventional mortgage loan leaving them out of the market to buy your home.  A Rent-To-Own program opens up this huge pool of potential home buyers for you!

Whether you are interested in using our Rent-To-Own program to purchase your new home or want to sell your home quickly, simply click the proper menu buttons above to learn more about each program. 

The Rent-To-Own Program Qualifies in all States Except Texas

We are experienced real estate investors and specialize in off-market properties.

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